how to make potassium gold cyanide

how to prepare gold potassium cyanide in simple route?at presently i am preparing gold potassium cyanide in the following method. step 1 preparation of aqua regia. step 2 dissolving gold in aqua regia. step 3 preparation of fulminating gold. step 4 fulminating gold to gold potassium cyanide. i want to know the more simple route to produce gold potassium cyanide in cost effective way.

how to make potassium gold cyanide finishinghow to make potassium gold cyanide. next is how i make pgc 1. make aqua regia (75% hcl + 25% hno3) from high grade chemical. 2. introduce the gold (24 kt) in bulk or small piece in warm aqua regia for fast solubility. (gold aqua regia is about 1 5 weight). 3. heat the solution, don't exceed 85 176;c. 4.

how to make potassium gold cyanide scribdhow to make potassium gold cyanide. gold chloride will become crystal when you cool the syrup. 7. introduce a little water to dissolve the gold chloride. 8. make ammonia solution of 30 ml amnmonia in 100 ml water concentration. (use high grade ammonia). 9. pour the ammonia slowly to gold chloride


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how to make potassium cyanide (kcn) at home quoraabout 50,000 tons of potassium cyanide are produced yearly. historical production prior to 1900, before the invention of the castner process, potassium cyanide was the most important source of alkali metal cyanides. in this historical process, potassium cyanide was produced by decomposing potassium ferrocyanide k4[fe(cn)6] 4 kcn + fec2 + n2

how to make potassium gold cyanide, p2 finishingapr 06, 20130183;32;theoretically, it would take 98.04g of sodium cyanide, nacn, or 130.22g of potassium cyanide, kcn, to combine with 196.967g of gold to form either naau(cn)2 or kau(cn)2. in practice, since cyanide chemicals are fairly unstable and due to the fact that there are several chemical steps in the process, it will probably take some extra cyanide.

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a new process for making potassium gold cyanide from gold the diffusion coefficient of oxygen, the physical properties of the solution, the solubility of oxygen, and the solubility temperature. of potassium gold cyanide all depend significantly on the the the cyanide concentration affects the reaction rate by influencing solubility of oxygen and by dictating the amount of solution handled in the process for a given amount of gold. scaled up operation.


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